Gamification of Trust in HRI?

Publikation aus Robotics

Micheal Funk, Bernhard Dieber , Horst Pichler , Mark Coeckelbergh

Culturally Sustainable Social Robotics - Challenges, Methods and Solutions Proceedings of the Robophilosophy 2020 / TRANSOR 2020, pp. 632-642, 2/2020


In this transdisciplinary paper we discuss the question whether trust in human-robot-interaction (HRI) can be gained by gamification. Therefore, the concept of credibility will be introduced. A specific focus is on the question concerning the implementation of ethical rules in robotic safety systems. With a focus on Wittgenstein as a philosopher of technology, we argue that in many fields of application cultural issues play a crucial role that cannot be controlled in a top-down approach. Instead, we follow a process-oriented bottom-up understanding of trust, which pays attention to different social situations of normative practices. In order to combine our transdisciplinary philosophical and engineering points of view, a model for “gamifying trust” including ethical reflection as well as a short sketch of a possible technical implementation are presented.


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Keywords: Trust, Credibility, Robot Ethics, Transdisciplinarity, Annoying Valley