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Wissenschaftliche Publikation

Safety-Related Risks and Opportunities of Key Design-Aspects for Industrial Human-Robot Collaboration

Publikation aus Robotics
Mechatronic Systems

Lukas Kaiser, Andreas Schlotzhauer , Mathias Brandstötter

The 3rd International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Robotics (ICR2018), Leipzig, Germany , 9/2018


For several years, sensitive robots are used in industry and in some cases perform collaborative tasks directly with humans on shared workplaces. At first glance, this type of human-machine interaction is associated with high risks. However, additional devices, advanced functionalities and risk mitigation activities can ensure that such collaborative scenarios are safe for humans. The essential aspects are the collaborative operation methods, workspace layout, end effectors, human machine interfaces and ergonomics. In this work we shed light on these important aspects of human-robot collaboration and discuss its facets. By adequately reducing and communicate potential indiscernible risks a robot is made trustworthy for a human being.

Keywords: Industrial human-Robot collaboration; Safety; Collaborative robotics

Url: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-319-99582-3