Secure data recording and bio-inspired functional integrity for intelligent robots

Publikation aus Robotics

Sebastian Taurer , Bernhard Dieber , Peter Schartner

IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), pp. 8723-8728 , 10/2018


As modern robots become more intelligent, also their use will broaden in public and professional areas. While the aim is to make robots beneficial to humans and society, using those complex machines in complex environments will eventually lead to incidents. To enable forensic investigations, ethical evaluations and transparent function of intelligent robots in a society, we contribute the concept of a secure robot data recorder that is similar to a flight data recorder in airplanes. However, since robots work in a highly networked and uncontrolled environment, our concept pays special attention to security and tamper proofness. In addition, we extend the concept with an approach inspired by cockroaches to increase the functional integrity of the robot. We present a prototype implementation along with discussions on the required properties and limits of secure data recording.


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Keywords: Digital signatures, Intelligent robots, Public key, Forensics