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AIRoV 2024

Unsere Expertinnen und Experten in Innsbruck. V.l.n.r. Mara Vukadinovic, Mylena Ferreira-Weratschnig, Clara Fischer, Alexander Weissmann und Lorenzo Miarelli

Mara Vukadinovic, Mylena Ferreira-Weratschnig, Clara Fischer, Alexander Weissmann und Lorenzo Miarelli in Innsbruck, Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

From 25-27 March 2024, some of our colleagues were able to present their new research results at the First Austrian Symposium on AI, Robotics, and Vision in Innsbruck. AIRoV is a joint symposium of the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (ASAI), the Austrian Society for Measurement, Automation and Robotics (GMAR) and the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (OAGM). After a long tradition of individual and joint OAGM- and ARW/GMAR-Workshops is AIRoV now the first joint symposium of these three closely linked associations.

During the poster session, there was the opportunity for an interdisciplinary exchange on site, which our experts particularly enjoyed, as this always provides new perspectives.

The following papers were presented at the poster session:

Mara Vukadinovic: Intelligent Data Monitoring: A Combination of Rule-Based and Machine Learning Approach

Mylena Ferreira-Weratschnig: Adversarial Framework for Monitoring Unannotated Anomalies of Key Performance Indicators in Robot Applications

Lorenzo Miarelli: A Combined Approach for Robot-based Disassembly and Testing of Electric Vehicle Battery Packs

These publications were part of the InterAC workshop, at which Clara Fischer also presented "New Forms of Human-Robot Collaboration". We would like to congratulate Clara Fischer, Cecillia Scoccia and Michael Rathmair on winning the Best Research Paper Award at this workshop.

Alexander Weissmann presented at the SNNSys workshop how spiking neural networks can be used in the field of radar sensor technology: Concept for Dense Network of Single-Chip Radar Sensors for Anonymous Human Detection and Tracking using Neuromorphic Computing.


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