Our research is shaped by a commitment to diversity, agility and a multidisciplinary approach, and we capitalise on our expertise to implement, safeguard and maintain the high standards and quality of our work.

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Our vision

Shaping the future, together

As a research company working on behalf of various federal provinces and regions, our innovations shape the development of our modern society and economy – sustainably, and always with a focus on people. As a multidisciplinary team working in a flexible set-up that fosters innovation, we always live up to the highest social and scientific standards.

Our mission

Our mission is to create solutions for the Green Deal, as well as for addressing challenges facing society, including the digital transformation.


  • carries out applied research
  • works to safeguard and enhance the competitiveness of the region as a research, innovation and business location
  • is committed to promoting innovation, knowledge transfer and networking
  • plays a vital role in matters related to ethics in research and technology
  • is actively involved in the establishment of spin-offs and start-ups
  • fulfils an important training and development function

Guiding principles

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We serve as a bridge and hub for technology and knowledge transfer for our customers and partners.

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We apply the highest quality standards in our work.

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We align our research with topics related to science, society and the economy, and this is reflected in our R&D portfolio.

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Through our actions, we assume responsibility on social questions that are relevant for our locations, for local regions and internationally.

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We are enthusiastic, highly motivated, independent, objective, inclusive, creative and innovative.

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We carry out world-class research and technology development. Reliability and continuity enable us to retain the trust of our customers and partners.


We see sustainability and the environment as aspects of our social responsibility, and as part of our responsibility to safeguard the future.