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Control 2024 - International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance

Control 2024 in Stuttgart took place this year from 23 to 26 April 2024. Gerald Lodron, Olaf Kähler and Sergei Vedyshev from the Intelligent Vision Applications research group presented the latest results from the CoboSort project at the Fraunhofer booth.

CoboSort aims to move the apparel market towards a sustainable economy through circular and environmentally friendly actions enabled by the introduction of intelligent systems for the effective management of new, returned or used clothing. The sorting operations required to manage the exchange of garments require entire teams to perform this repetitive, wear and tear activity, which does not focus on human skills. The assistance of a collaborative robotic assistant - a combination of vision sensors, grippers and artificial intelligence - could be a viable alternative.

CoboSort focuses on the development of machine learning and robotic gripper models and their integration into a reliable and comprehensive collaborative robotic induction system that enables the sorting of full and partial unpackaged garments. The solution impacts the distribution of used items in the fashion market, enabling more affordable business models with a limited environmental footprint.


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