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About us

In our research, we focus on core questions related to climate change, climate risks, and the transition towards a climate-neutral society.

Our 40-strong interdisciplinary team has the comprehensive, holistic system expertise required to understand the complex economic, technological, environmental, social and political relationships connected with the topics of climate, energy and society.


Our research focuses

Based at sites in Graz and Klagenfurt, our three research groups and one competence group specialise in interdisciplinary modelling across a broad range of subjects:

  • Weather risk analysis and management
  • Climate change and tourism
  • Future agricultural production systems
  • Climate change impacts and climate economics
  • Climate-neutral production and life cycle assessment
  • Society and lifestyle in a changing climate
  • Renewable energy forms and innovative business models
  • Social transition to a climate-neutral society
  • Agent-based traffic modelling and future-proof mobility
  • Urban living and urban transformation


We find answers to the most pressing questions we face today

  • How can society deal with the risks of global warming more effectively?
  • How can economic damage be minimised?
  • Will climate change also open up economic opportunities? And how should we take advantage of them?
  • What steps are necessary to steer our society towards climate neutrality and to slow down climate change?
  • In view of the vast number of new regulations, how can companies position themselves and fulfil these regulations most effectively?


Our analysis, modelling and methods-based expertise lays the foundations for decision-making and application-driven solutions to the burning questions of our age.


Our research networks and partnerships

The institute works as a coordinator, contractor and scientific partner in various national and international research networks.

Our preferential business partnerships (PBPs) and preferential policy partnerships (PPPs) are aimed at business, industry and the public sector. In this context, we focus on a variety of sectors and the challenges they face in achieving climate resilience and climate neutrality. Cooperation agreements give clients access to our services, including short-term problem solving, at attractive flat hourly rates.


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Dr Franz Prettenthaler, M.Litt
Director LIFE
Dr Hannes Peter Schwaiger
Deputy Director LIFE, Head of Research Group


Farooq Hafiz Imtiaz, MSc
Doctoral Programme
Dr. Georg Jäger
Senior Research Fellow
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans Manner
Univ.-Prof. Dr.


Senior Research Fellow
Martina Nageler
Office and controlling
Johannes Pregartner
Gardener Rooftop Farming
Rüdiger Tinauer, BA
Business Development
Silvia Winter
Assistant to the management and controlling
Institute for Climate, Energy Systems and Society

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