Corporate social responsibility

Equal opportunities, a commitment to promoting gender equality, and respect for all cultures with a view to creating a diverse environment that supports cooperation are integral components of our business policies. Our goal is to build a corporate culture geared towards fostering gender equality and diversity – a culture that is fully inclusive for all employees and where there is no place for discrimination.

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Diversity and equality

Diversity and gender equality are an integral part of our corporate strategy. They are taken into account in our research projects, and specialised training courses and consultation help to raise awareness of these topics. Our Gender in Research workshops, which focus on preparing research proposals, are a good example of this in action. The in-house Gender Dimension network was formed to open up new perspectives on research and innovation – here, employees share their ideas on how gender-related considerations can be integrated into research activities.

Mag.<sup>a</sup> Claudia Winkler, MA BSc


Programme management JR Gender Equality Plan
Mag.<sup>a</sup> Dr.<sup>in</sup> Helene Schiffbänker


Academic Expert, JR Diversity and Equality
Mag.<sup>a</sup> Sybille Reidl
Internal Gender Dimension network, training and support for gender-related issues in research
Mag. Florian Holzinger
Gender equality survey (on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology)
Sarah Beranek, BA MSc


JR Gender Dimension network, support on gender-related issues in research

Ethics in research

We see ourselves as a pioneer when it comes to responsible research and innovation, and we fully recognise that progress in science and technology calls for a high level of responsibility. We also reflect critically on our research and innovation processes in order to ensure that our work satisfies accepted ethical standards. The ethics agreement that supplements the collective agreement for employees in non-university research, as well as our ethics guidelines for ethically sound and ethically aware research form the basis for this. In turn, this improves the quality of our research and generates added value for us as a research company.

Further activities at a glance:

For further information, visit the Platform for RRI Austria


There is much more to compliance than simply conforming to statutory requirements, internal company guidelines and ethics principles. It is also a question of personal conviction. Integrity, transparency and a sense of responsibility are the lifeblood of all aspects of our work. Regular training and clear communications are designed primarily to ensure that misconduct is avoided.

Nachhaltigkeit (ESG-Reporting)

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Mag. Stefan Schafranek
Quality Management, Research Programmes and Coordination