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About the Institute

We create the foundation for evidence-based decisions through analyses and evaluations, and provide support in their implementation. We stand for responsible research and innovation policy, site analysis and development, labor market and gender equality policy, as well as innovation projects.

We advise public institutions and businesses on technology and innovation strategies, regional site analyses, the evaluation and implementation of equal opportunities, as well as the risk and impact analysis of political and corporate decisions. The consultancy process is based on empirical and model-supported research.


We work with quantitative, model-based and qualitative methods, which we are constantly developing further. In all our activities, we endeavour to adhere to high research ethics principles such as impartiality, objectivity and transparency. We have a large portfolio of projects and many years of successful work with regional, national and international clients and partner institutions.


We have locations in Graz, Vienna and Klagenfurt. We work on our main research areas in three research groups: 

  • Technology, Innovation and Policy Consulting, 
  • Regional Economics and Structural Policy and 
  • Data Analytics and Statistical Modelling.


Wolfgang Polt
Authorised representative, Director POLICIES
Hermann Katz
Deputy Director POLICIES, Head of Research Group
Eric Kirschner
Deputy Director POLICIES, Head of Research Group
Michael Ploder
Deputy Director POLICIES, Head of Research Group


Institute for Economic, Social and Innovation Research

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