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We are researching the process of wound healing at all levels with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the development of chronic wounds and impaired scarring. The process of skin ageing is also being researched at process level. Based on this, we are developing new treatment approaches and therapies in the spirit of precision medicine.

"Healing instead of repairing" is the motto of regenerative medicine.

We research central physiological and pathological processes in the human body and how these can be specifically influenced and thus utilised for new forms of treatment and in the sense of precision medicine. We also investigate the mutual influence and adaptation between the individual (humans) and their natural and social surroundings (environment). All of this together plays an important role in the ageing process and in the development of chronic diseases (e.g. chronic wounds, tumours, etc.).

"Research that gets under your skin"


Our research focusses on: 

  • Our research focus is on physiological and pathological wound healing (e.g. chronic wounds, hypertrophic scars) and on the healing of wounds
  • skin ageing


We are researching the key factors in the process of wound healing and skin ageing at all levels with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the development of chronic wounds and impaired scarring in particular. Based on this, we develop and test new regenerative treatment approaches in the spirit of precision medicine.

We develop clinically relevant in-vivo, ex-vivo and in-vitro models adapted to clinical requirements for research into physiological and pathological wound healing processes. We subsequently use these models for the development and testing of dressing materials as well as for the evaluation and testing of medical products (e.g. skin substitutes) and products for the cosmetics industry. When characterising wound healing processes, we combine non-invasive imaging methods that are also used in everyday clinical practice. On the other hand, the samples are analysed histologically and molecular biologically. This ensures good transferability of the data from the preclinical models to the clinical situation.


"Protect your skin, protect your health"

We are also researching the interaction between the environment and humans: as the skin is our largest organ and is closely linked to our immune system and metabolism, exposure to harmful substances such as pesticides, heavy metals or chemical detergents can lead to serious health problems - including cancer, neurological damage or developmental disorders. Many toxins that can affect our health and well-being can be absorbed through the skin. It is therefore important to minimise our exposure to these toxins. This is where COREMED's research and development comes in.


"Innovation through cooperation" 

COREMED is a joint initiative of JOANNEUM RESEARCH and the Medical University of Graz. Located at the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (ZWT) on the campus of the Medical University of Graz, we can draw on existing resources and collaborations in science and research. There is a strong local network of scientific and economic institutions at the site. Our intensive cooperation with the Medical University of Graz (especially the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery) enables us to easily plan, coordinate and carry out preclinical projects and clinical studies. We are also very well networked with many national and international partners in our field of research, which is reflected in joint projects and joint publications. One example of this very intensive cooperation is COREMED's collaboration with the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Institute HEALTH, the Medical University of Graz, the University of Texas, Medical Branch Galveston, USA and MC Master University, Hamilton, Canada. Not only has there been close co-operation here for years, but there is also an exchange of young research staff.



Univ.-Prof. Lars-Peter Kamolz, MSc


Director COREMED
Ass.-Prof.<sup>in</sup> Mag.<sup>a</sup> Dr.<sup>in</sup> Petra Kotzbeck Mag.a Drin


Deputy Director COREMED, Head of research group


Nicole Siegl
Assistant to the management
Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Precision Medicine

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