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Total project duration:

3 Years

Austrian monitoring system for subsidence and landslides.

The project

Homogeneous and continuous detection of ground movements in Austria using differential SAR interferometry based on Copernicus satellite data.

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EODC - Earth Observation Data Centre
Geosphere Austria (ehemalige Geologische Bundesanstalt)

Project details


So far, no standard method for the continuous monitoring of landslides and ground subsidence has been implemented in Austria, but a variety of approaches based on inhomogeneous data have been used in isolated applications.

Meanwhile, advanced differential SAR interferometry (D-InSAR) techniques are increasingly recognised as a well-suited method to provide a continuous, homogeneous and large-scale monitoring service for ground subsidence and landslides.

From a technical perspective, a service that is largely based on Sentinel-1 data immediately encounters the problems of big data handling. For example, the SuLaMoSA workflow has to process around 6 TB per year just as input data. Another scientific challenge arises from the alpine topography of large areas in Austria. It is well known that SAR-specific features such as slope shortening and overlap or shadowing limit the applicability of any D-InSAR analysis. In addition, about 48% of the total area of Austria is covered by forest, which also has a strong negative impact on signal coherence in the C-band.



SuLaMoSA will introduce for the first time in Austria a national monitoring service for subsidence and landslide mapping based on D-InSAR technologies. It will provide an unprecedented homogeneity of deformation products with an update rate of a few weeks to a few days. By systematically utilising the Sentinel-1 data, the service guarantees consistent products over a long period of time.


Observation of surface changes


PS / DS identification methods


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