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Total project duration:

1 Jahr

3D measurement of a bird preparation


The project

The Waldrapp is now on the list of endangered species, having already been wiped out in Central Europe in the 16th century due to intensive hunting and the loss of its natural habitat. Basic research, human-led migration of juveniles and monitoring using GPS transmitters are contributing to the reintroduction of the Waldrapp.

In a cooperation project with the WALDRAPPTEAM, FH-JOANNUM on the aerodynamics of bird flight and the aerodynamic optimisation of biologging devices, trained animals are measured precisely in the wind tunnel. However, the use of live birds is to be minimised and largely replaced by 3D models. To this end, experts at JOANNEUM RESEARCH have precisely measured a stuffed Northern Bald Ibis specimen and created a digital twin. This made it possible to create a 1:1 model using 3D printing, which will be used for further basic research.

Our activities in the project

In order to obtain valid and practice-relevant data with bird dummies in the wind tunnel, the morphometry of the dummies must correspond as closely as possible to the animal models. This requires precise photogrammetric measurement of the test animals.

To this end, the team from the DIGITAL Institute carried out a non-contact 3D scan of a prepared specimen of a Waldrapps. The scan was carried out in our institute's image processing laboratory and a hand-held 3D scanner was used. This measurement data was used to create a precise digital twin - a 3D model in the form of a textured triangular mesh with a target resolution of 1 mm. Furthermore, this measurement data is also used as the basis for further CFD simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation).

The mock-up Waldrapp was 3D-printed at FH JOANNEUM and has since been used for various tests in the wind tunnel. Findings from these experiments will also benefit other bird species. A follow-up project involving recordings with special multi-camera systems of live animals in the wind tunnel is already being planned and prepared.

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