Provisions for school pupils

Mandatory Internships

JOANNEUM RESEARCH provides school pupils with the opportunity to participate in practical work carried out in an innovative environment with modern infrastructure. This “learning by doing” fulfils the practical requirements of the school or professional apprenticeship training institution.

Practical workplaces are offered particularly within the infrastructure and scientific areas, depending of each relevant project situation in the research units.

The precise content, fields of activity and duration of mandatory practical internships are dictated by the training and education regulations and are documented throughout as a matter of course.

Vacation Internships

JOANNEUM RESEARCH offers school pupils opportunities to conduct vacation internships during the time when there is no school, i.e. the summer months. 

The application period for a vacation internship is from December to the end of February each year. Interested pupils are invited to complete the application form provided for vacation internships on the homepage, to write a short personal statement and submit these to the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Personnel Management at together with any supplemental informations.

Many thanks for the applications!