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Research and Technology Development from Austria

JOANNEUM RESEARCH, headquartered in Graz,  is a successful national and internationally active research institution owned by the Austrian federal states of Styria, Carinthia and Burgenland. Ideally embedded in the national and international innovation network, our researchers innovate in three high-level fields of expertise: “Information and Production Technologies”, “Human Technologies and Medicine”, and “Society and Sustainability”. We use our ideas, innovative power and considerable research experience to support companies both private and public not only with the development of technology, methods and products, but also with societal topics.

The Future Conference an event organised by Joanneum Research. This year, the congress will take place virtually for the first time.
In Focus: Lab-on-a-Foil
Martin Smolka is a specialist in the field of microfluidics, in particular for so-called lab-on-a-foil systems.
In the Spotlight is the specialist for the field of microfluidics, especially for so-called lab-on-a-foil systems.
Anja Haase is technical coordinator in the H2020 project NextGenMicrofluidics.
Anja Haase is technical coordinator in the H2020 project NextGenMicrofluidics.
ORF wissenswert: Lab-on-a-Foil for medical diagnostics.
Premium Award for Best Paper in IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation
The scientific publication „Measurements and model for the satellite-to-aircraft channel in L-band”, co-authored by Dr. Michael Schönhuber, head of…
Heinz Mayer im Studio von DIGITAL
... or the battle of new technologies for hot markets in transport telematics JOANNEUM RESEARCH with its DIGITAL - Institute for Information and…

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