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The Forum is a discussion framework on digital solutions for the European Common Health DataSpace in times of COVID-19

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ScanBalt Digital Forum

The Forum provides a framework for discussions on digital solutions for the European Common Health DataSpace. HEALTH presents an example of best...
Graz as Hotspot for International Space Experts
UN/Austria Symposium in Graz: How do space technologies support climate protection?

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76. Digitaldialog - Spotlights on Cyber Security (Teilnahme vor Ort als auch online)

Lendhafen Graz, Lendkai 17, 8020 Graz, 17:00 - 19:00


Digitale Lange Nacht der Forschung 2020 - Das Onlineangebot ist von 9.10. bis 30.12. verfügbar

digital, 17:00 - 23:00

In the spotlight

Mag. Dr. Martin Zirkl …

... is a specialist for ferroelectric polymer sensors and project manager for the implementation of new infrastructure at MATERIALS Institute in Weiz. Recently, the new drying and polishing plant for sensors, which is unique worldwide, has been put into operation. The drying and polishing plant for large-area printed sensors contributes to the quality inspection and improvement of sensors applied to films. This opens up new possibilities for business and industry for innovative, future-proof sensor technologies and products. "Our latest research into the screen printing processes used to manufacture the sensors has shown that sensor sensitivity and quality is much more dependent than previously assumed on the details of the drying and polishing processes of the sensors, which follow directly after the sensor manufacturing process," says Zirkl, summarising the importance of the new infrastructure.

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A selection of our awards: 

  • Best Employer 2019 - Working Time Models Styria
  • Best Poster Award for ICT for Healthcare, FEMIB Heraklion, 2019
  • SiTaSol - Best Research Project, "Austrian Conference for Photovoltaics & Power Storage", Vienna, 2019
  • Best Position Award for RegionAAL and Smart VitAALity, ICT4AWE Heraklion, 2019
  • Best Paper Award, Remote Sensing magazine, 2019
  • look! Business Award, category "Innovation & Technology", 2019
  • Fast Forward Award 2018