JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL presented together with Umweltdata modern remote sensing technologies for the digitization of forestry at the 25th World...
It is a high-resolution imaging system that allows the acquisition of close-up colour images of outcrops, rocks, soils, drilling powder, and core...

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Future of Energy Systems on Local and Regional Level - An international multidisciplinary workshop and discussion seminar

Monday: Austrian Embassy in Prague - Palác Hložků ze Žampachu (Kanovnická 70/4, Prague) / Tuesday: Hotel Amarilis, (Štěpánská 18, Prague), from 13:30 (multi-day)


69. Digitaldialog - Wird GPS/GNSS Jamming und Spoofing unterschätzt?

Leonhardstraße 59, 8010 Graz, 17:00 - 20:00

In the spotlight

DI Hermann Katz …

... as a data analyst has developed with his team a model for the Styrian machine ring, which makes the management of fields more environmentally friendly and resource-saving. The basis for the statistical model was the data collected by soil sensors as part of digitization in agriculture.


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  • Fast Forward Award 2018
  • EARTO Innovationspreis 2012
  • „Best Student Paper Award“, ISR 2018
  • „Best Application Paper Award”, MEDER 2018