Provisions for students

Mandatory internships

Depending on the course regulations, students at universities of applied sciences and general universities are required to receive practical training or conduct practical work in a company. This is considered an essential supplement to their theoretical training. JOANNEUM RESEARCH offers the opportunity for students to conduct a mandatory practical internship in an innovative environment with modern infrastructure. The precise content, fields of activity and the duration of the internship depend on the applicable training and education regulations. These are documented throughout the training and education period.

Diploma work, dissertations

Depending on the project, students are offered the opportunity at JOANNEUM RESEARCH to produce written thesis work that is required for their courses under the supervision of our company employees.

Practical internships offered when there are no lectures: vacation internships

JOANNEUM RESEARCH offers students opportunities to conduct vacation internships during the summer vacation period when there are no lectures.

The application period for a vacation internship is from mid-December to the end of February each year. The application form for vacation internships can be found on the homepage during this period and must be completed. A short personal statement must be written and submitted to the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Personnel Management at together with a copy of the most recently academic grades and references, plus any supplemental informations.

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Sponsored internship programme for female students – FEMtech

JOANNEUM RESEARCH provides female students with internships as part of the FEMtech regularly sponsored internship programme. The internship programme “Making use of your talents: equality of opportunity - FEMtech internships for female students” strives to attract young female scientists and technologists to careers in applied scientific and technical research, technology and innovation. The students will learn about the entry into the profession and subsequent career development while receiving profound insights into applied research and development.

The current offers are regularly published online:

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