Mission Statement

JOANNEUM RESEARCH implements its corporate vision in close cooperation with partners from business, science and the public sector. It carries out its key tasks of innovation, knowledge transfer and networking with a strong international focus along the following principles:


  • The research portfolio takes special account of the shareholders' strategic aims and the resulting topics and requirements.
  • Top scientific quality and excellence provide the basis for corporate success and generate benefits for clients, funding providers, shareholders and the business location.
  • Constant evaluation and renewal of the research portfolio ensure the attractiveness of the research services offered and allow the company to respond to societal and technological developments and to integrate findings from basic research at an early stage.
  •  JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a technology-oriented research institution placing special emphasis on high-quality research infrastructure as an indispensable prerequisite for excellent research and problem solving for business.
  • JOANNEUM RESEARCH fulfils its corporate mission and secures economic success by actively transferring expertise to the economy and marketing the technologies, processes and products developed.
  •  International cooperation with companies, scientific institutions and organisations of the European Union and beyond is a defining element of day-to-day research work.
  • JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a responsible employer offering a wide range of qualified job opportunities and promoting the creativity and performance of its staff.
  • The key corporate policy of equal opportunities against a background of social and societal diversity is implemented on a daily basis to consolidate the company's leading position in the non-university research sector.
  • JOANNEUM RESEARCH is well aware of its exemplary role and social responsibility.