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Gestalterische Nachhaltigkeit

Contributing authors of JOANNEUM RESEARCH:
Pansinger, Sanela; Prettenthaler, Franz
What are the features and relation ships of a form of spatial organisation or spatial gestalt that can be used to ensure spatial quality and future lifestyles within it over the long term? Whereby the spatial gestalt is understood as a physically perceptible result of the interaction between space, climate and culture (as an umbrella term for science, technology, economy, art, religion, politics, etc.) or between space and use? With this fundamental question, this paper aims to show that the well-known aspects of sustainability (ecological, social and economic) are not fully capable of keeping up with current societal transformation processes, as they do not take spatial development into account. Gestalt sustainability establishes a spatial dimension within the transformation process, compensating for these shortcomings. The fact that ecological, social and economic concepts, no matter how sophisticated, will only insufficiently determine the future follows from the fact that all actions materialise in one way or another in space and use it as a resource or can generate it anew. Gestalt sustainability offers the opportunity to define a sustainable spatial quality for the various scale levels (building, street, square, district) using the evaluation criteria derived from system, field and design theory, which can also be checked (semi-)quantitatively. In addition to the previous quantitative evaluations, the qualitative aspects of a concrete spatial organisation also come into focus. Gestalt sustainability is thus a new aspect to recognise and subsequently ensure desirable qualities of spatial developments, such as resilience. As a theory and practice-oriented working level, gestalt sustainability guarantees the activation and stability of the urban space, saving resources and energy and providing a climate-friendly and sociable sustainable space over the long term. English title: Gestalt Sustainability. A plea for the consideration of spatial gestalt in the sustainability discourse – conceptual contemplation and an initial application report
Gestalterische Nachhaltigkeit


disP - The Planning Review

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