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Evidence-based policy advice and evaluation

Our activities contribute to research and innovation policies, labour market research and technology consulting.
Standort- und Arbeitsmarktanalysen Policies
Environmental and economic energy assessment

Energy services are analysed by means of an LCA-based greenhouse gas (GHG) balance and assessed in terms of their climate impact. In tandem with economic models, technology options can be evaluated from an environmental and an economic viewpoint. The aim is to lay the foundations for decisions that represent best technology choices. Climate balances for businesses

Research, technology and innovation (RTI) policy and labour market research

We are committed to providing in-depth consulting, guidance and evaluation in line with the latest research findings. We support the design of funding instruments and evaluate funding programmes (before, during and after implementation), implementing bodies and regulatory plans using our long-standing experience, the latest data and tailor-made empirical research.

Technology consulting in robotics

Demographic changes mean that companies are increasingly facing staff shortages. The targeted deployment of robotics represents a promising solution to this problem. We identify specific requirements and potential improvements, and provide advice on custom robotics solutions in order to ensure smooth implementation processes.

Politics and society – products and services

Evidence-based policy advice and evaluation

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