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Consulting: Safety Evaluation

Offizielles Logo: ROBOTICS Evaluation Lab

Consulting for the safe implementation of robot applications in a production line.

Offizielles Logo: ROBOTICS Evaluation Lab
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Consulting on safe implementation of automation solutions, Photo: iSTock.com/MicroStockHub

Automated and safe production

Do you want to automate your production or even just a partial process without compromising the safety of your employees?

Our years of experience in the field of robot safety enable us to address the individual needs of your production, resulting in the development of an implementation plan for a safe robot application at the end of the consultation. We understand that the safety of robotic systems is crucial for smooth operation and personnel safety. During the consultation, we conduct detailed risk analyses to identify potential hazards and propose suitable measures for risk mitigation. We assist you in complying with applicable safety standards and guidelines, supporting the implementation of safety features such as emergency stop switches, protective devices, and secure controls.

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