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Location analysis and development

Our research covers topics related to resilience and examines the impacts of climate change. We also focus on location analysis and modelling.
Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft, Statistik

Statistical evaluation of sensor-generated data is helping to place agriculture on a sustainable footing. Photo: Günther Linshalm

Resilience to weather and climate risks

Analysis of weather and climate risks is a core element of sustainable location development. Alongside direct impacts on businesses and the local population, there are also indirect risks arising from predominantly international value chains. Risk modelling enables us to determine and identify specific risks.

Tourism and climate change

In many regions, tourism is central to the local economy. However, it is also one of the most weather- and climate-sensitive sectors. Deploying a set of qualitative and quantitative methods supported by high-resolution socioeconomic data allows for identification of development potential and risks associated with tourism.

Climate-friendly agriculture

Climate change is posing new challenges for agricultural producers. Heatwaves, drought, heavy rainfall and late frosts are regularly causing significant damage. In future, this will require crop varieties adapted to conditions at a given location, as well as efficient production technologies and comprehensive risk management approaches.

Location analysis

In our digitalised world, the significance of location is greater than ever before. We analyse regional economic questions, taking changes in economic growth as well as structural economic changes into consideration. Our activities are centred on quantitative economic analysis combined with systematic interpretation of the results and practical know-how.

Modelling (in regional disaggregation)

Models have real value if the assumptions and data underlying them are accurate. We offer state-of-the-art modelling approaches focused on data analysis and statistics. We constantly enhance the tools we use, including database systems, forecasting models and analytical techniques (for example, in the application of neural networks) and test them in practical settings.

Networks in robotics and automation

We serve as a network hub for events, and as a competence centre for the dissemination of expertise in digitalisation, robotics and automation. We promote dialogue between experts, companies and stakeholder groups by organising events, with the aim of sharing knowledge and generating synergies.

Politics and society – products and services

Location analysis and development

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