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Systemic security and resilience

Our activities are focused on measures within complex systems, as well as actions that promote adaptation to unforeseen events.
Lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, body-on-a-chip

Bioanalytic and diagnostic lab-on-a-chip (LoC) and organ-on-a-chip-(OoC) systems, credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Tissue trauma (skin and skull)

Armed conflicts often result in serious injuries (including to skin and soft tissue, as well as the brain) that require specialised medical treatments. We develop innovative detection procedures, technologies and treatment methods that improve the chances of survival and quality of life for wounded individuals.

Hazardous substance detection

We play a significant role in the development of strategies aimed at evaluating the effects of exposure to hazardous substances on the human body. Our research also focuses on the development of highly sensitive detection procedures for risks and chemical warfare agents, and of decontamination scenarios.

Food sovereignty

The UN defines food sovereignty as the right to sustainable access to healthy food that is acceptable within a given culture. The climate crisis and the increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events will require changes in the way people eat and in food production. Our research in this area concentrates on climate-resilient cultivation systems and climate-friendly food.

Global value chains in industry

The past few decades have been shaped by the increase in globalisation. Recent crises have laid bare the vulnerability of international value chains. We use models of global value chains to examine the spread of risks, which contributes to the implementation of resilient structures.

Natural hazards and critical infrastructure

The consequences of the climate crisis are becoming clearer all the time. The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events have both increased, and will continue to do so. As a result, modelling of natural hazards and their effect on critical infrastructure is growing in importance. Our research supports the development of appropriate risk management systems.

Lab-on-a-chip and organ-on-a-chip

We offer an end-to-end development chain for bioanalytic and diagnostic lab-on-a-chip (LoC) and organ-on-a-chip (OoC) systems. In cooperation with our partners, we operate a pilot line for R2R structuring, biofunctionalisation, lamination and laser structuring. The line is being continuously enhanced.

Printing processes and printed electronics

We develop scalable and digital printing processes (including 3D printing of electronics) for the generative production of functional components. We cover every stage of the process chain: material development, substrate pre-treatment, optimisation of the printing strategy, post-treatment, characterisation through to hybrid integration of classic components.

Regulatory impact analysis

Systemic security and resilience are based on technological and regulatory steps in equal measure. We provide comprehensive ex ante impact analysis, which reviews regulatory measures (national and European) and their implications in accordance with the legal framework, and adapts measures prior to implementation.

Defence economics

In-depth analysis and design are the starting point for safeguarding core security of supply and resilience in an age shaped by global flashpoints and continuing tensions. As your development partner, we carry out analysis and provide consulting services, taking social, economic, and research and technology policy aspects into consideration.

Sovereignty (technology and supply)

The geopolitical environment has seen significant changes. We support regional, national and European decision-makers with the development and coordination of specific measures that bring about medium-term improvements in sovereignty in terms of industrial development, technologies, value chains and supply.

Cybersecurity in automation systems

We develop industrial cybersecurity concepts and methods. Applying leading-edge security methods, we combine safety and security approaches in order to perform a detailed evaluation of security-critical systems throughout the life cycle.

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Systemic security and resilience

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