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Balancing dimensions of vulnerability, coping ability and adaptive capacity

The results of the research project JustFair are now online

Sandsäcke als Hochwasserschutz

Credit: Gina_Sanders-AdobeStock

Natural hazard protection faces the key challenge that not everyone living in a risk zone is threatened equally. Decisions on whom to protect often cause conflicts in resource allocation and distribution. JustFair develops policy guidance by (1) comparing international practice in addressing social justice issues in climate change adaptation and by (2) empirically identifying disadvantaged groups among households and small businesses, taking into account that individual resources and deficits need to be balanced against each other.

The results and further information are presented on the project website!

JustFair received financial support from the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and was carried out within the ACRP program.


Mag.<sup>a</sup> Claudia Winkler, MA BSc


Mag. Dr. Sebastian Seebauer
Deputy Head of Research Group
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