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Defence and security technologies

Our research covers innovative developments and applications that are designed to ensure security and to combat threats effectively.
Akustische Sensoren können Drohnen orten

Mikrofone werden in einer speziellen Geometrie als Mikrofonarray angeordnet und zeichnen so den Schall an verschiedenen Orten auf. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Bergmann

Protection of critical infrastructure

Bespoke solutions for the monitoring and protection of critical infrastructure featuring smart sensorics, AI-based data evaluation, and presentation in the form of an intuitive overview.

Secure communications

Building on extensive capabilities and expertise in satellite communications, aspects of secure communications are gaining in importance. Specific starting points include GovSatCom and IRIS2. Options for emergency communications using CubeSats are also being investigated.

Earth observation for disaster management

Data-based support for time-critical decision-making processes in disaster management on the basis of multispectral image data, which is collected in near real time using airborne recording platforms (drones, helicopters, aircraft) and analysed using objective analysis methods.

Drone detection and localisation

Acoustic, visual and thermal detection and localisation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in real time, and overviews of their positioning in order to protect infrastructure, large sites and events.

Autonomous mission vehicles

We offer sensor solutions and platforms for automated off-road military mission vehicles, as well as localisation and environment recognition algorithms based on fully passive sensorics and without GNSS for military applications.

Printing processes and printed electronics

We develop scalable and digital printing processes (including 3D printing of electronics) for the generative production of functional components. We cover every stage of the process chain: material development, substrate pre-treatment, optimisation of the printing strategy, post-treatment, characterisation through to hybrid integration of classic components.

Visible light sensing, positioning and communication

We develop cost-effective solutions by extending the capabilities of classic LED-based lighting systems for a wide range of applications in visible light communication, visible light positioning and visible light sensing, in order to realise innovative sensor solutions based on visible light.

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Defence and security technologies

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