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Programme evaluations and impact assessments

Ex-ante, interim and ex-post evaluations as well as ex-ante and ex-post impact assessments

The evaluation of public support and funding measures and programs forms an important basis for making evidence-based decisions for the future.
These processes make it possible not only to secure and fine-tune measures, but also to adapt them accordingly or terminate them if necessary.
In this way, we provide a decisive contribution to the optimization of public funding and implementation strategies, to the benefit of society and to the effective use of public funds.


What do we provide?

  • We offer objective and target-oriented valuations based on solid data and facts.
  • We cover all phases of program development and implementation.
  • We guarantee a holistic analysis and support.
  • We meet the requirements of impact-oriented budget management and the Federal Budget Code (BHO).


What are we contributing?

  • in-depth knowledge of the national and international political and instrumental environment.
  • specialized domain knowledge
  • long-term experience in program evaluation and impact analysis
  • state of the art empirical methods
  • a broad network of reliable partners and professional experts (peers)
  • a neutral perspective from outside


In which areas do we evaluate programs?

  • By means of ex-ante evaluations or impact assessments we help to tailor programmes precisely to requirements, take relevant trends into account and define the expected effects.
  • Our range of accompanying or interim evaluations serves to continuously monitor and assess implementation and progress so that adjustments can be made in good time.
  • The data and insights gained form a solid basis for possible course corrections and improve the accuracy of the programs.
  • On the basis of ex-post evaluations we analyse the results achieved and the long-term effects. This final assessment makes it possible to measure the success of the measures and derive recommendations for future initiatives and policies.
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