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Best Performance Award: research highlights

43 submitted projects, 14 finalists and 7 winners: The best research projects of the past year were honoured at the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Future Conference.

Siegerfoto: Geschäftsführer Heinz Mayer und Prokurist Erwin Kubista und die 7 Preisträger*innen

Heinz Mayer (left) and Erwin Kubista (right) presented the Best Performance Award to the award-winning researchers. Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Bergmann

Green and Digital Transformation - this is JOANNEUM RESEARCH's motto for the year. And the Future Conference, which took place on 15 November with around 650 participants at Messe Congress Graz, was also all about sustainable change. The best research projects of the past year were also honoured with the Best Performance Award - JOANNEUM RESEARCH's science prize. In October, 14 finalists were selected from a total of 43 submitted projects and publications by means of online voting. In a public vote during the Future Conference, one winning project was selected from each of the seven research units - DIGITAL, MATERIALS, ROBOTICS, COREMED, HEALTH, LIFE, POLICIES. What all the projects have in common is that they cover both green and digital aspects.

"Once a year, we highlight special research achievements with the Best Performance Award," says Erwin Kubista, authorised signatory at JOANNEUM RESEARCH. "It is particularly important to us to highlight the people who form the basis of our company: our researchers. After all, they are the ones whose expertise and commitment ensure that cutting-edge research is put into practice."

The Future Conference serves as an annual showcase for JOANNEUM RESEARCH and brings together customers, partners, stakeholders and those interested in research to discuss research topics and technology trends.

The winning projects

DIGITAL Institute

DeepDigitalForest: Publication on AI-supported digital forest inventory – Roland Perko, Sead Mustafic, Manuela Hirschmugl, Andreas Wimmer


Vortex: Microfluidic disposable chip for fast and cost-effective diagnostics in diabetes – Gerburg Schieder

ROBOTICS Institute

DIVIDER: Predictive maintenance of industrial plants based on the energy supply – Christian Oswald


FORCE REPAIR: 3D-printed, intelligent, customisable wound dressing – Petra Kotzbeck

HEALTH Institute

TARGET: Investigation of the permeability of the blood-brain barrier for chemotherapeutic agents – Thomas Altendorfer-Kroath

LIFE Institute

TRIGGER: The impact of the environment and climate on health – Judith Köberl

POLICIES Institute

Development of the labour supply until 2040 – Dominik Janisch

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