Young researchers, Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Schwarzl

Through its applied research and technology development, JOANNEUM RESEARCH plays a key role in the transfer of technology and knowledge in Styria, Carinthia and Burgenland. Its high level of commitment and the outstanding qualifications of its employees are the basis for ensuring its success.

We support our employees during their pursuit of targeted career development and, in particular, promote women. We are thoroughly dedicated to helping our employees achieve qualifications and continually improve their expertise. We offer comprehensive opportunities for creative involvement in a diversity of  current scientific, economic and social situations. The internal competence development programme supports and promotes this specialized personal development in a purposeful manner.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH provides young people with an opportunity to experience employment in the world of applied research and development for a limited period of time. We do this to improve and increase the effectiveness of our regional operations, which is a central element of our company mission. In this way, we are make active contributions to qualification and advanced training, to the benefit of our domestic economy.

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