Diversity and gender-mainstreaming

Living together in diversity, equal opportunities and the advancement of women are also important corporate policy concerns for JOANNEUM RESEARCH. Diversity is an important component and firm basis of a fruitful research landscape and is continuously strengthened and practised at JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

The central objectives are formulated in the Gender Equality Plan, which is also anchored in the strategy document. The implementation of equal opportunities and diversity has been carried out since 2017 by a diversity office established within the management staff, which continues the activities developed within the framework of the FFG-funded project geForTe. Previous measures, such as flexible working hours, gender-sensitive use of language or cyclical monitoring of human resources data from a gender perspective, e.g. team composition in JOANNEUM RESEARCH research projects, will also be continued in the future.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is striving to further increase the proportion of women among scientific and technical staff; gender-sensitive recruiting, FEMtech internships and Girls' Day are important measures to achieve this. JOANNEUM RESEARCH is increasing its efforts to enhance the gender and diversity competence of researchers and managers in order to increase the quality and excellence of research and innovation.

In addition, JOANNEUM RESEARCH offers a mentoring programme for its employees. 

The Diversity Office is headed by Dr Helene Schiffbänker (POLICIES). Within the Diversity Unit, Sybille Reidl and Florian Holzinger (both POLICIES) are in charge of the Competence Centre, which offers gender training and advice on the preparation of research proposals.


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