The European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO)

Cooperation with international associations and representative organisations strengthens how JOANNEUM RESEARCH positions itself internationally.

The European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) fulfils a special role among European application-oriented research units. EARTO publicises and communicates research and technology developments and also forms networs. It also accelerates the pace of technology and innovation developments in Europe.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH has been a member of EARTO since April 2000 and as a result has a wide communication and cooperation platform at a European level at its disposal. It also has the opportunity to  cooperate more fully in international,  bilateral projects and programmes.

EARTO is a non-profit international association established in Brussels, where it maintains a permanent secretariat.

The EARTO vision is a European research and innovation system without borders in which RTOs occupy nodal positions and possess the necessary resources and independence to make a major contribution to a competitive European economy and high quality of life by fostering beneficial cooperation among all stakeholders.

The EARTO mission is to promote and defend the interests of RTOs in Europe by reinforcing their profiles and positions. It is a key player in influencing EU decision makers and seeks to ensure that European R&D and innovation programmes are best attuned to their interests; provide added-value services to EARTO members to help them to improve their operational practices and business performance; and provide them with information and advice to help them make the best use of European R&D and innovation programme funding opportunities.

The Association represents the interests of about 350 RTOs from across the European Union and “FP associated” countries. The members elect an Executive Board to manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association. The Board elects one of its members as President. The President and Board appoint a smaller number of Board members to the Steering Committee.