ALP.Lab GmbH

ALP.Lab is the operator organisation of the promoted innovation laboratory “Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving”. The company applies itself to the establishment and operation of a comprehensive testing and innovation environment for automated driving.


CBmed GmbH

CBmed specialises in the field of biomarker research and development in medicine. Among other things, the company identifies new biomarkers and validates potential ones while performing translational biomarker research for clinical application.


decide Clinical Software GmbH (decide)

Decide specialises in support solutions for clinical decisions and processes – the focus is currently on the first product GlucoTab®, a software-based mobile blood-sugar management system for type 2 diabetes.


Digital Innovation Hub Süd GmbH (DIH SÜD)

As a competence network, DIH SÜD supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their digital transformation with expertise, networking and infrastructure. The main areas of focus include production and manufacturing technologies, data science and digital business models and processes. 



The emphasis of EPIG is on healthcare and care services with activities ranging from healthcare reporting to supply planning and evaluation in healthcare and care services. 


FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH

FH JOANNEUM offers more than 4000 students professionally oriented degree courses in the departments “Applied Computer Sciences”, “Building, Energy & Society, “Engineering”, Health Studies”, “Management” as well as “Media & Design”.


Geo5 GmbH

Geo5 provides services related to engineering geophysics, reservoir geophysics, deep and surface-near geothermics as well as corresponding services in research and development. Software development for the geophysics field is another focal point.



Holz.Bau Forschungs GmbH (hbf)

The goal of hbf is to secure and advance the usage of the material wood and developments for wood-construction products in the construction sector. Central competences lie in the processing and linking of research questions related to wood and building technology. Styria GmbH (HTS)

HTS as a cluster organisation with emphasis on human technologies is focussed on supporting and interconnecting research, development and industry, creating synergies and advancing the development and establishment in this area at the location.


Pacemaker Technologies GmbH

Pacemaker focuses on sensor systems for running and gait analysis in the application area of medicine, healthcare and sports, in which PyzoFlex® technology is used.