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Information and evaluation systems

We examine questions related to science policies, as well as evaluation systems, and topics connected with equality, diversity and inclusion.
Menschengruppe, die Gleichstellung, Diversität und Inklusion darstellen
Science policy and evaluation systems

Across Europe, the science and research system is being pushed to its limits and needs to be reformed. We support this process throughout Europe and in Austria by supplying data, designing evaluation systems for research funding and facilities, recruitment and career development, and by accompanying the implementation of gender equality plans.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, particularly in research and development, in order to create diversified, innovative working environments. We support and evaluate structural change at research and research funding organisations, and work on the design of inclusive, gender-sensitive innovation processes.

Quantitative risk assessment systems

Quantitative risk assessment systems comprise risk assessment, risk management and risk communication processes. The emphasis is on the evaluation and categorisation of risk situations, which is intended to help minimise or eliminate related negative impacts.

Politics and society – products and services

Politics and society – projects

Information and evaluation systems

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