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Life Cycle Analysis

Analysing the environmental impact of services and products over their life cycle

Grafische Darstellung des ökologischen Fußabdrucks mit der Lebenszyklusanalyse, bestehend aus den Schritten: Rohstoffgewinnung, Produktion, Verteilung, Anwendung, Recycling/Entsorgung

Life cycle analysis (LCA) – sometimes also referred to as life cycle assessment, or measurement of the ecological balance or carbon footprint – is a systematic analysis of the environmental impacts of services and products throughout their life cycle: from extraction of raw materials and production, through to distribution logistics, application and ultimately recycling or disposal. This facilitates the implementation of custom measures designed to minimise environmental impacts, meaning that life cycle assessment is a prerequisite for successful moves towards achieving climate neutrality.


We help to make your company a climate protection pioneer

We calculate the carbon2footprint for your product or service’s entire life cycle, and consider all downstream and upstream environmental impacts. This helps to identify potential for cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improving your climate balance.


We offer the following service modules for step-by-step implementation and performing more detailed analysis:

  • Estimating GHG emissions and carbon footprint
  • Analysing GHG emissions and energy use including evaluation based on performance indicators
  • Developing and assessing measures aimed at reducing environmental impacts
  • Cost-benefit analysis for measures implemented
  • Comprehensive lifecycle assessment to calculate air pollution, GHG emissions, energy requirements, and use of land and water
  • Annual update and evaluation of measures
  • Creating a calculation model that also allows for independent calculation of environmental impacts, as well as employee training on how to use the model


We constantly fine-tune our life cycle assessment methods:

  • Dynamic, forward-looking LCA to draw up scenarios for the transition to climate neutrality
  • Methods and indicators to assess product recyclability
  • LCA modelling for complex production systems (e.g. in the chemicals industry)

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