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State-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure for (bio)analytical, pharmacological and medical technology studies. 

Part of the laboratory is GLP-certified for this purpose.

Sample Receipt And Storage

Quality-assured sample receipt and sample storage in 24/7 temperature-monitored, fail-safe and alarm-protected freezers (-80°C, -20°C)


Sample Preparation

Preparation of samples from various matrices (e.g. serum, plasma, interstitial fluid, urine, biopsies, tissue samples, smears) for downstream analytical procedures



For sample preparation in studies with a large number of samples (>1000), we rely on automation using a pipetting robot with integrated ELISA reader (UV, fluorescence) and washer from Hamilton. 


Method Development

Development of (bio)analytical methods for the detection of biological, chemical substances (e.g. metabolites, active ingredients, pharmaceutical products, impurities): Metabolic products, active ingredients, pharmaceutical products, impurities)

Our expertise lies in the development of methods with the lowest detection limits (ng/nl) and sample volumes (µl).

=> Download the list of analytes with detection limits and sample volumes



In addition to high-end equipment, our experts are our best assets. 

  • Experienced experts in biomedical technology and analytics, mass spectrometry, method development and validation, preclinical and clinical study execution
  • Best trained technicians in the fields of analytical instrumentation, IT, software validation



Get an impression of our laboratory in the virtual 360° tour. virtual 360° tour..


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Dr Franz Feichtner
Director HEALTH


Institute for Biomedical Research and Technologies
Neue Stiftingtalstraße 2,

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