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StressLoC: Chronic stress as a risk factor for Long COVID

The analysis of the biomarkers for the clinical study at the Medical University of Graz is carried out in our analysis laboratory.

Medizinische Studie

Studie zu Stress als Risikofaktor für Long Covid, Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

A clinical study at the Medical University of Graz is investigating whether chronic stress, which already exists before infection with the coronavirus, can lead to various symptoms of the disease persisting over a longer period of time (Long Covid). This is investigated using a hair sample in which the stress hormone cortisol is measured. This hair sample can be used to determine the stress level over the past few months. It is also investigated whether chronic stress has an impact on mental health after the illness. In a subgroup, other stress-associated biomarkers, such as adrenaline, are also measured in blood. These biomarkers require special analyses, which are carried out in the highly specialized analysis laboratory of the HEALTH Institute.


Read more about the study at: https://www.medunigraz.at/stressloc

Study participation: https://www.joanneum.at/fileadmin/HEALTH/news/Folder-Studie-Stressloc.pdf

Find out more about our laboratory infrastructure: https://www.joanneum.at/health/infrastruktur


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