Mobile Manipulation


In intelligent logistics rail-unbound and autonomous mobile robots are used for the transportation of goods through spacious production halls. So-called mobile manipulators additionally consist of a robot arm and do their work remote-controlled or in safe areas. Mobile sensitive manipulators represent an essential functional extension of these robotic systems. This type of autonomous robots has the decisive advantage of guaranteeing physical safety for persons in the near field. With this technology it is therefore possible to realize mobile object manipulation in busy manufacturing halls.


The institute’s mobile sensitive manipulator CHIMERA consists of two subsystems, a mobile platform MiR 100 and a sensitive serial robot UR10, combined to an overall system. Two laser scanners on the mobile platform ensure a vision of  360 degrees and enable the robot to navigate around people and obstacles in a natural way or rather stop the robot system in case of missing alternative routes. Thanks to internal sensor data analysis the robot arm can be used for safe applications in the field of human-robot collaboration.

CHIMERA can be used for intralogistics tasks which require a higher level of intelligence at a robotic system. Examples are on-demand refill of kanban-shelves, kitting or material transport between production machines. CHIMERA is designed as an extensible platform where additional functions can easily be added.

There is the mobile manipulator CHIMERA


CHIMERA - mobile sensitive Manipulator