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Assessment of Safety Conformity

Offizielles Logo: ROBOTICS Evaluation Lab

Safety assessments for the safe use of your robot application.

Offizielles Logo: ROBOTICS Evaluation Lab
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Assessment and verification of safety conformity, Photo: iSTock.com/Thanakorn Lappattaranan

Do you want to launch a robot application on the European market?

As part of the safety check important properties for the safety of the entire robot application are analysed, evaluated and compared with the values specified by the manufacturer and applicable standards. You receive a test report from our test laboratory, which is used as the basis for your conformity assessment.


What is a declaration of conformity?

The declaration of conformity certifies that your product has been developed in accordance with the EC/EU directives and harmonised standards and therefore meets the requirements of the standards and complies with the necessary safety specifications.


Consultation and implementation

When human and machine work together, special attention must be paid to compliance with the specified parameters so that hazardous situations can be ruled out. We will be happy to advise you and help you through to the final CE declaration of conformity!

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