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National and International Funding Projects

Collaborative Cooperation in Funding Projects and Preparation of Research Grant Proposals

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ROBOTICS as a partner in research projects, Photo: Freepik/jannoon028

Funded cooperative research in robotics

There are international funding programs that are focused on ensuring successful automation.


 Why is ROBOTICS good for collaborations?

Years of experience in national and international funding programs have shown us what it means to be an innovative partner for pioneering projects in the field of robotics: To be successful together requires precise planning and organization of the cooperative project. We create synergies and leverage the diverse strengths and expertise of involved partners to achieve forward-thinking results.

Our services include coordinating and connecting project partners, assisting in grant applications, developing project plans, and implementing projects with a clear focus on robotics. We consider both national and international funding opportunities, providing a platform for knowledge exchange among various stakeholders.


What is your added value?

We believe that collaborative efforts in robotics can lead to new insights, innovative solutions, and faster progress. With a research partner, additional funding opportunities become available, and regulatory requirements are easier to meet. Let's create added value for society together!

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