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Skin models

We offer a wide variety of skin models in order to optimally reproduce the complexity and functionality of the human skin.

Organ on a chip

Human 3D skin models

Our human 3D skin models have been specially developed to best reflect the complexity and functionality of human skin. They consist of different skin layers, including epidermis and dermis, and contain a variety of skin cells cultured in a three-dimensional matrix system. Our models offer a variety of advantages: They enable the investigation of skin tolerance, drug penetration, inflammatory reactions and much more. By using 3D skin models, we can offer animal-free alternatives and at the same time deliver accurate and meaningful results.

Human ex-vivo skin models

Our human ex-vivo skin models are made from human skin samples and allow us researchers to study the physiological properties and functions of human skin in more detail. These models include different skin layers such as epidermis, dermis and subcutis and provide a fully intact three-dimensional skin architecture. Our models offer a variety of advantages: They enable the study of skin toxicity, drug penetration, inflammatory responses and more in an ex-vivo environment. This enables us to generate precise and meaningful data, which is of crucial importance in the development of new treatments and drugs. They also allow us, for example, to test substances and materials without animal testing.

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