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Clinical in-vivo models

Clinical models enable realistic investigations of wound healing and are crucial for the development of new therapies.

We have specialised in the development and establishment of clinically relevant in-vivo models to better understand key processes in the skin (e.g. wound healing, scarring, skin ageing,...). Our models provide a realistic and reliable simulation of clinical conditions (e.g. burn wounds, inflammation,...) and diseases. They serve as valuable tools for the development of new therapies. Our clinically relevant in-vivo models of wound healing, wound healing disorders, hypertrophic scars and skin ageing offer a variety of advantages. They allow us to study the efficacy and safety of wound dressings, medical devices (e.g. skin substitutes) and therapeutic approaches in an environment that closely mimics the clinical situation. By using these models, we can accurately analyse the effects of different treatment strategies on wound healing and tissue response.

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