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Fast Track Digital (FFG)

Gruppenfoto bei der Abschlussveranstaltung des Programms Fast Track Digital

Die Teilnehmenden des Netzwerktreffens Fast Track Digital Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Raiser

Research power for companies on the fast track

The FFG "Fast Track Digital" programme aims to realise digitalisation projects by and with companies in research, technology and innovation and bring them to market quickly. The project teams from business and science work in close co-operation. Over the past two years, marketable and competitive products and processes have emerged from this, which were supported by a team of experts from Eutema GmbH and JOANNEUM RESEARCH. The project presentations at the end of the programme took place on 11 June 2024 in Graz.

The keyword is cooperation. To receive funding for the digitisation projects, the project consortia had to consist of several consortium partners and pursue a common research objective. The digitisation approach is different for each project. They ranged from energy technology, medical and healthcare technology and life science to IOT solutions. Aspects such as increasing efficiency through digitalisation, promoting sustainability and resource conservation as well as user centricity and inclusion were addressed.

The IMPACT support team, coordinated by Erich Prem (Eutema GmbH) and Jürgen Streicher (JR POLICIES), was set up to provide the best possible support for implementation. This provided support with cross-project and specific problems and offered a platform for exchanging experiences and networking the subsidised projects. In particular, it enabled a more intensive examination of topics such as legal framework conditions, ethical principles in research and development and sustainability aspects. The consideration of sustainability aspects in particular is becoming increasingly important for the acceptance and long-term success of digitalisation solutions. The IMPACT support led to a deeper understanding of these areas, which they were able to effectively integrate into their work.

Barbara Lohwasser, programme manager at the FFG, sums up: "Digitalisation continues to be a major topic for companies and society. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular were able to benefit from this programme supported by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs and quickly test and implement their innovative ideas. In addition to the original project objectives, numerous ideas for further utilisable new products or services have emerged."

About the FFG fast-track digital projects:

The APOLLO project aims to develop advanced digitalisation solutions to support the objectives of the EU Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is the efficient and automated operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants in order to increase their energy yield and reduce costs. By using innovative models and algorithms, faults are to be identified and rectified in order to improve the sustainability and efficiency of PV systems. In this way, APOLLO realises digitalisation solutions directly for the market, shortening the time from idea to market launch.

Artificial Eye is developing an innovative digital process for integrative social work. The aim of this process is to better reach socially disadvantaged people and those marginalised by digitalisation and provide them with specific information to promote their participation in society. In addition, the process is intended to support the teaching of digital and social skills and promote stable social relationships and participation in social and democratic process

The DigitalEPI project is developing a digital solution for neurology for the efficient diagnosis and care of epilepsy patients using standardised formats and AI-supported analysis of EEG data. The aim is to increase the efficiency of diagnostics, reduce costs through mobile EEG devices and enable personalised telemedical care in the patient's familiar environment. This relieves the burden on hospitals and ensures medical care during exceptional circumstances.

Das Projekt DigitalEPI entwickelt eine digitale Lösung für die Neurologie zur effizienten Diagnose und Betreuung von Epilepsie-Patient*innen mittels standardisierter Formate und KI-unterstützter Analyse von EEG-Daten. Ziel ist die Erhöhung des Wirkungsgrads der Diagnostik, die Kostenreduktion durch mobile EEG-Geräte und die Ermöglichung einer personalisierten telemedizinischen Betreuung in der gewohnten Umgebung der Patient*innen. Dadurch werden Krankenhäuser entlastet und die medizinische Versorgung während Ausnahmezuständen sichergestellt.

DrainML aims to develop and launch the first automated solution for continuous analysis and diagnostics of tunnel drainage systems. The use of machine learning and cloud technology is intended to reduce inspection time and increase efficiency. The aim is to accelerate the digitalisation of tunnel drainage and enable the development of new business models based on this.

EMP2EMP aims to create an alternative to motorised private transport through a coordinated mobility mix and optimised mobility services at company locations. The specific mobility needs of employees are to be taken into account and gender-sensitive survey methods applied in order to create an inclusive mobility offering and promote sustainable changes in behaviou

The FIRELab project aims to digitise firefighter training through an innovative "firefighting lab" in order to improve participation and the quality of training. Theoretical content is taught online and practical exercises are carried out using a remote-controlled extinguishing robot. By analysing the exercise data using AI, the aim is to make future operations even more efficient.

Das Projekt HarvestIT The HarvestIT project aims to improve solar thermal energy generation through open source software for the automated quality inspection of large-scale plants in order to increase transparency and enable efficient operation as well as sound proof of yield. By integrating scientific methods and solar thermal expertise, the project aims to create a digitalised solution that enables Austrian companies to provide new services and optimise the operation of large-scale solar plants.

IoT Work Zone aims to develop a prototype construction site management system for motorways and motorways to increase road safety and avoid traffic jams. The core element in roadworks management is the control centre, which controls roadside components such as LED panels and sensors and processes traffic data in real time. The new system is intended to drive forward the digitalisation of the road and provide the market with a product that is ready for series production.

MarketWith! aims to empower communities and regions through the COYERO platform, which integrates local services and sharing economy in an app-based marketplace. By embedding acceptify, the cooperative decision-making and participation of users is to be improved in order to promote efficient shared offers. The aim is to create a sustainable marketing platform for local products, services and infrastructure.

Sensors4StrucInspect aims to improve the safety, service life and life cycle costs of infrastructure through AI-assisted monitoring. It extends the STRUCINSPECT platform to integrate sensory data for concrete, steel, timber and building facades and utilises drones for precise inspections. The aim is to introduce this digital building inspection to contribute to sustainable development.

The TrainOptimiser 2.0 project aimed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of public transport vehicle layouts by developing a novel microsimulation tool and an easy-to-use 3D editor. This will enable more accurate and comprehensive assessments of passenger behaviour, particularly with regard to accessibility and other comfort factors, in order to develop more efficient, sustainable and equitably accessible vehicles.


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