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5 Jahre

Benchmarking and clinical decision support in acute geriatrics

The Project

An innovative, digital system of eHealth applications for improvements in geriatrics

The "Benchmarking in Austrian Acute Geriatrics" initiative has been collecting quality assurance data since 2008. Around 40% of Austrian acute geriatrics/remobilization (AG/R) facilities take part in the cross-provider and cross-province initiative. CDS BARS aims to create an innovative, digital system of eHealth applications for process and decision support in acute geriatrics.

Our Role in the Project

The BARS benchmarking system used since 2008 has been modernized. Together with medical staff, a therapy/monitoring system (TMS) was developed for use in AG/R facilities. The TMS is integrated into the hospital information system and is designed to avoid duplicate documentation and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration. We have developed a concept for the control system. We are now researching initial methods for future implementation.

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Gesundheitsfonds Steiermark, Wiener Gesundheitsfonds (WGF), Kärntner Gesundheitsfonds

Verein QiGG (Qualität in der Geriatrie und Gerontologie), Geriatrische Gesundheitszentren Graz, Medizinische Universität Graz, Kärntner Landeskrankenanstalten-Betriebsgesellschaft (KABEG), Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft (KAGes), Franziskus Spital GmbH

Project Details

As part of the CDS-BARS (Clinical Decision Support and Benchmarking in Acute Geriatrics) initiative, the benchmarking system in place since 2008 was modernized (http://cds-bars.eu) and linked to innovative eHealth systems for process and decision support in acute geriatrics. The aims are to improve process quality, make work easier and save time by avoiding multiple documentation.

The vision includes a guidance system that supports the identification of geriatric patients outside the WG/R (e.g. in emergency departments) and a therapy/monitoring system that provides support within the WG/R, e.g. in interdisciplinary team meetings, in the documentation of geriatric assessments, monitoring of individual target achievement and in the preparation of discharge management. The data collected is then automatically transferred in pseudonymous form to the benchmarking system, which can be used to monitor the hospital's own performance and for comparison with other facilities.

The design and iterative development of the eHealth systems is carried out together with future users as part of a co-creation process. This includes interdisciplinary focus groups and interviews as well as process observations and workshops.


Donsa, K; et al. (2019) User-centred development of an innovative eHealth system for comprehensive quality assurance and therapy support in Austrian acute geriatrics and remobilization facilities. Netzwerk Altersmedizin Steiermark 2019

Kopanz, J; et al. (2021) User-centred requirement analysis for a digital workflow and decision support tool in geriatric care. 25th Nordic Congress of Gerontology 2021

Donsa, K; et al. (2021) Konzeptionierung und Entwicklung eines eHealth-Systems für den Einsatz in der Akutgeriatrie – Co-Creation im Gesundheitsbereich. Geriatriekongress 2021

Donsa, K; et al. (2021) Die COVID-Pandemie aus der Sicht des Benchmarkings in der österreichischen Geriatrie. Geriatriekongress 2021

Project team

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