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AUSTR-IO.nat is a multi-sectoral macroeconomic analysis and simulation tool that maps Austria's economic interdependencies.

Vektor-Illustration einer modernen Erde in einem Netz von Satelliten

Analysing Austria's economic interdependencies with AUSTRO-IO.nat

The AUSTR-IO.nat model maps the economic interdependencies at the level of 74 economic industries and thus records all supply and consumption linkages within Austria as well as with other countries.

AUSTR-IO.nat describes the typical interrelations between demand, production, employment and income of an economic region. On this basis, direct, indirect and induced effects as well as multiplier effects of economic impulses on socio-economic indicators such as value added, employment and tax revenues are analysed.

This makes the model suitable for the analysis of a wide range of topics, such as the evaluation of changes in demand for example because of the rollout of new technologies or the analysis of the value added impacts of funding programmes.


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Michael Kernitzkyi
Head of Research Group


Institute for Climate, Energy Systems and Society
Science Tower, Waagner-Biro-Straße 100,

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