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LIFE Mobility and Activity Model: Carinthia

"LIFE Mobility and Activity Model Carinthia" is an agent-based transport model as a virtual experimental space to address mobility issues.

Grafische Darstellung Agentenbasierter Verkehrsmodellierung

Virtual experimental space

This transport model maps the entire region of Carinthia, is calibrated to a real reference year and represents a digital twin for the transport demand in Carinthia. The model provides a tool that can be used to map research projects in the field of mobility and their interaction with space and transport-related emissions (greenhouse gases, particulate matter emissions, etc.). On this basis, measures can be developed in research projects or evaluated on a more realistic basis.


Forecast model

The "LIFE Mobility and Activity Model Carinthia" also provides a virtual test environment for the development of new modules that address regional issues in the field of contract research.

An example of the 24/7 forecasting module is the traffic and greenhouse gas development of the following day. In the future, current data (e.g. weather and event data) will also be implemented here via a real-time data interface in order to be able to incorporate short-term changes in transport demand into the forecast. We thus offer a bridge between the public sector, industry and research in order to realistically support the transformation process towards climate-neutral mobility.


Your contact

Christian Joachim Gruber
Head of Research Group


Institute for Climate, Energy Systems and Society
Lakeside B13b,
Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

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