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LIFE Cycle Assessment Center

The LIFE Cycle Assessment Centre offers databases and calculation tools for the environmental assessment of products and services.

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The method

Our experience in life cycle analysis (LCA) dating back to the 1990s, LCA databases and calculation tools provide the basis of our LIFE Cycle Assessment Centre. We work with a set of established as well as newly developed methods for assessing the environmental impact of products and services, from the extraction of raw materials to production, distribution, use and end-of-life. Supported by national and international research projects, the centre is continuously being developed and expanded. Clients from a wide range of sectors and industries, such as the global raw materials industry, steel industry, energy industry, logistics, food production, construction industry as well as commercial enterprises or municipalities and regions, value our scientific facility and expertise.


Our offer

Service modules for the step-by-step implementation of LCA or consolidation of LCA-analyses:

  • Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions or carbon footprint based on current international standards
  • Assessing direct and indirect contributions to greenhouse gas emission and primary energy use of companies, products and services
  • Assisting companies in the development and environmental and economic evaluation of measures towards the transition to climate neutrality
  • Comprehensive life cycle assessment to determine air pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, energy requirements, land and water use, circularity
  • Development of customised carbon footprint calculation models for companies and training of employees
  • Cost-benefit analysis for measures implemented
  • Annual update and evaluation of measures

Your contact

Dr Hannes Peter Schwaiger
Deputy Director LIFE, Head of Research Group


Institute for Climate, Energy Systems and Society
Science Tower, Waagner-Biro-Straße 100,

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