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The TaxTransModel (TTM) simulates tax and transfer accounts for different household constellations, gross earnings and regions.

Blick durch eine Lupe auf einen Taschenrechner, darunter ist eine Statistik erkennbar.


The TaxTransModel is a microsimulation model that reproduces large parts of the Austrian tax and transfer system. At the level of micro-household data, the model can be used to determine taxes and levies, transfer payments granted at national, province and municipal level, and the resulting disposable income for any household composition and income range.



The model allows to analyse individual households or to derive aggregated results for a sample of representative households. The disposable income resulting from the model simulations can be split into various income components. It is also possible to carry out special analyses, such as the derivation of child-induced transfer payments, i.e. transfer payments that arise solely due to the presence of children in the household.


Fields of application

Besides analysing the tax and transfer system in force and the way it works (e.g. interactions of transfer payments at national, province and municipal level; distributional effects; identification of any poverty or incentive traps; etc.), planned reforms and their effects can be simulated in advance.


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Mag.a Claudia Winkler, MA BSc


Institute for Climate, Energy Systems and Society
Science Tower, Waagner-Biro-Straße 100,

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