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Green Experience Lab

The Green Experience Lab combines scientific expertise, up-to-date databases and analysis tools to turn sustainability into an experience.

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We provide clarity about the target groups on the market

Scientifically sound methods and valid data guarantee reliable results.


Typical applications for target group studies

  • Segmentation to reduce the complexity of target groups (e.g. using cluster analysis)
  • Characterisation to make target groups more tangible (quantitative and AI-supported qualitative methods)
  • Contrasting to highlight strategically relevant characteristics of a target group
    (e.g. development of personas)



We analyse critical factors for the success of climate-friendly offers

Due to industry projects and our roles in international research projects, we can offer a spectrum of state-of-the-art methods for acceptance and satisfaction analyses.


Methods for acceptance and satisfaction analyses

  • Prospective acceptance analysis to optimise the development of new products and services (e.g. using internationally validated frameworks such as UTAUT2)
  • Push and pull factor analysis to understand factors for acceptance and satisfaction (e.g. using multiple regression models)
  • Context factor analysis to obtain robust insights into regions and target groups (e.g. through multi-level models)
  • Retrospective satisfaction analysis to ensure the best possible orientation in innovation cycles (e.g. using specific feedback tools)



Internal synergies and external cooperation

We establish partnerships to round off the Green Experience Lab's research services.



  • Customer-Journey meets Product-Lifecycle: UXSA in collaboration with LIFE Cycle Assessment Center
  • Experience Research meets Experience Design: Project cooperation with the consulting company Shift11 for direct transfer of research results into experience design

Your contact

Dr Stephan Schwarzinger, BA MA


Institute for Climate, Energy Systems and Society
Science Tower, Waagner-Biro-Straße 100,

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