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Eröffnung der Veranstaltung "Next Level Robotics"

Robotics, AI and 5G are key topics in digitalisation and automation, Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Weltin

Robotics, AI & 5G – The Future is Now

On 8th March 2023, we hosted the "Next Level ROBOTICS" networking event at our ROBOTICS Solution Center. The highlight of the evening was the keynote speech by Prof. Bruno Siciliano (University of Naples Federico II) on "Robotics, AI & 5G - The Future is Now". During his keynote speech, he posed the question of what role robots will play in our lives in the future. Prof. Bruno Siciliano (Universität Neapel Federico II) über „Robotics, AI & 5G – The Future is Now“. Im Zuge seiner Keynote stellte er unter anderem die Frage, welche Rolle Roboter in Zukunft in unserem Leben spielen werden.

What role will robots play in our lives in the future?
"Robots will certainly help us in a wide variety of professional and private situations in the future, but humans will not be replaced as a working, thinking, executing, delegating (labour) force!"


Following the keynote, we were able to attend a discussion moderated by Michael Hofbaur between Prof. Siciliano and Alessandro Fornasier (PhD student at the Alpen-Adria University) as well as Dr Eva Eggeling (Director at Fraunhofer Austria - KI4Life) as representatives of the research location Klagenfurt.

Development and perspectives in robotics

Michael Hofbaur then swapped the role of presenter with Mariann Unterluggauer (Ö1). While a picture gallery from the years 2015 to 2023 was shown on the screen, Mr Hofbaur spoke about developments and perspectives in robotics and how these have shaped ROBOTICS. With a smile and a tear in his eye, Michael Hofbaur revealed that this event was also "his farewell", as he was leaving for a research stay in the USA and handing over the ROBOTICS to Anton Scheibelmasser. Scheibelmasser then gave the audience a brief preview of the future of ROBOTICS.


Anton Scheibelmasser
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