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That was the SIT 2023: Sensor Technologies In Flexible Production

Eröffnung der SIT durch Institutsdirektor Scheibelmasser und Stellvertreter Rathmair auf der Bühne

Systemintegratorentagung 2023 - Sensortechnologien in der flexiblen Produktion, Foto; JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Weltin

On 11th October 2023 it was time again. The most important system integrators throughout Austria met for the annual system integrator conference in Klagenfurt's Lakeside Park. This year's focus was on the topic of "Sensor technologies in flexible production". Around 60 cheerful guests listened to the exciting presentations on current developments in industry and research and actively participated in the SIT programme.

Highlights of the SIT2023:

  • Spectroscopy - seeing more than the human eye: Alfred Rinnhofer (DIGITAL) presented exciting insights into hyperspectral systems at the opening. Where the human eye has limits and systems are already superior to us, amazed the audience.
  • Damage prevention through vibration sensors: Jutta Isopp (Messfeld) then explained how changes in systems can be detected timely and how sensors help to optimise maintenance measures.
  • Operator protection with smart 3D safety radar: Achim Tögel (Inxpect) presented the first and only safe radar system certified to PLd EN/ISO 13849.
  • SINOPES - improved production efficiency through inline sensor technology: Gertrud Mayr-Kern (RECENDT) showed how production efficiency can be achieved through production-integrated sensor technology and process monitoring as part of the cross-border "SINOPES" project.
  • Can and must you grip safely? Dario Stojicic (ABB) talked about the company's internal experience in robotics on the topics of gripping techniques, applications with classic industrial robots and collaborative robots.
  • Best practice - UR-Cobot: In his talk, Pascal Klein presented the use of collaborative robots, the general advantages of cobots and various possible applications that can be expanded, particularly through the addition of sensors.


The GMAR-Robotics-Talk also took place again this year as part of SIT 2023. Mathias Brandstötter, Benjamin Breiling and Clara Fischer led through the programme.

Best practices from system integrators on the topic of sensor technology:

Michael Eberle (digifai), Siegfried Seufzer (Philipps) and Raimund Temmel (TAT) provided the participants with further insights into current best practice examples from their companies.

Hubert Zangel (AAU) and our colleague Alexander Weissmann concluded by convincing the audience that radar sensors are finding more and more applications in intelligent systems and robotics. In their workshop, innovations and research activities on this topic were presented and discussed.

After a day full of exciting insights, the guests were invited to network at the "SIT Together". We are delighted with a successful day and would like to thank our team, the sponsors and all participants.


Anton Scheibelmasser
Dr Michael Rathmair
Deputy Director ROBOTICS, Head of research group
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