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Delegation from the Economic Chamber of Lower Austrian on a visit

Mitarbeiter*innen der WKNÖ bei uns im ROBOTICS Solution Center zu Besuch.

Delegationsbesuch der WKNÖ, Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

On 1st June 2023, we welcomed a delegation from Economic Chamber of Lower Austria to our institute. The reason for the trip: To experience innovations in the fields of digitalisation, robotics, microchips and electronics-based systems up close and learn more about them. Carinthia is a pioneer in these areas and is regularly visited by stakeholders. We, the Institute of Robotics and Flexible Production, are of course not to be missed.

In our ROBOTICS Solution Center, Institute Director Anton Scheibelmasser gave a short presentation with the most important information about our activities and research focuses. Scheibelmasser explained that robots should not be seen as a threat or competition to one's own job, but rather as an opportunity to compensate for the lack of skilled labour and thus relieve the burden on staff.

Afterwards, the visitors were able to see for themselves how important research and further development of robot systems is through the demonstration of various use cases, including robot safety.


Anton Scheibelmasser
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