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Research infrastructure -  

Q/V band and W-cube antennas

For innovative satellite communications, our infrastructure includes antennas in the Q/V band (40/50 GHz) and W band (71-76 GHz).

Our experts research applications, instrumentation and processes in the fields of wave propagation and telecommunications. This includes optimising satellite transmission at extremely high radio frequencies and in the optical domain. Two large antennas for broadband communications research are located on the roof of the DIGITAL Institute.

  • Q/V band antenna

The Q-/V-band satellite ground station operated by JOANNEUM RESEARCH is one of the first stations to explore this band. The antenna communicates with the Alphasat satellite, which was launched on an Ariane 5 rocket. The Q/V-band antenna is currently at the centre of a research project to make Internet communication via satellite even faster and more broadband.

  • W-cube antenna

This dual-axis antenna can be used to track satellites in LEO, MEO and GEO orbits. It can receive signals at 75 and 37.5 GHz in both circular polarisations. With this antenna, we were the first ground station in the world to receive a 75 GHz W-band signal from a LEO satellite.


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Institute for Digital Technologies
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