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Research infrastructure -  

Image processing laboratory

We carry out experiments in optical metrology, optical spectroscopy and machine vision.

Image Processing Lab Credit: B. Bergmann

Image Processing Lab Credit: B. Bergmann

What equipment do we have at the DIGITAL institute?

Neben einer schwingungsentkoppelten Plattform für optische Aufbauten stehen auch ein Förderband für den Einsatz mit zeilenförmig scannenden Sensoren (Zeilenkameras und push broom Sensoren) sowie ein Hubtisch zum vertikalen Transport freistehender Inspektionsobjekte zur 4-seitigen Inspektion zur Verfügung. Beide genannten Transporteinrichtungen stellen einen essenziellen Bestandteil für Anwendungen dar, in denen eine kontrollierte Bewegung des Messobjekts eine wesentliche Voraussetzung ist, wie beispielsweise für das Lichtschnittverfahren zur hochpräzisen 3D-Vermessung oder für den realitätsnahen Test von Methoden der Inline-Inspektion unter Echtzeitbedingungen.

Our equipment:

  • Cameras: CDD area scan cameras (colour and monochrome), high speed high dynamic CMOS cameras with non-linear characteristic and high dynamic range (120 dB), colour line scan cameras with beam splitter technology (3 x 2048 pixels)
  • Interfaces: GigE, IEEE1394, Camera Link, USB
  • Optical systems: Lenses from 6.5 - 120 mm focal length, C-mount and NIKON F bayonet, various (also very narrow-band) filters in the visual and NIR range
  • Illumination: Various LED light sources, some of which are custom built, HQI studio lighting with light shapers, halogen lighting with fibre optic beam shapers, light control with semi-transparent mirrors, various lasers, thermal and NIR infrared lighting.
  • Trigger unit: Autonomous trigger encoders and encoders mounted on transporters with different level and frequency converters to match camera requirements
  • Measurement technology: Multimeters and oscilloscopes for complex trigger analysis, laser meter, digital thermometer.
  • Multispectral high speed line scan cameras, thermal imaging cameras, multispectral line scan cameras, push-broom sensors in the 200nm - 5300nm range are used for laboratory imaging and industrial testing.



Multispectral analysis - our opportunity for the future

Climate and sustainability goals require the recovery and recycling of valuable materials from all possible sources. At present, recyclable materials from waste streams are difficult or impossible to recycle, making it all the more important to identify scarce and limited resources and process them with the minimum use of energy and processing aids.

We are researching a largely automated characterisation of the valuable substances and impurities contained. We see great potential in the fusion and multi-dimensional data analysis of all real-time capable sensors in combination with artificial intelligence algorithms. New multispectral camera systems allow data sets to be recorded in multiple wavelengths - from the visible to the near-infrared. These data can be used to derive a wide range of material properties that can be used to characterise the composition of material and product flows, for example in waste separation.

The overall system, which is unique in Austria includes a 3D camera, a UV camera, imaging spectrographs, NIR and multi-spectral cameras and acoustic sensors.

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